Recent commissions:

32 paintings commissioned for the King of Bahrain’s Palace.

Paintings  commissioned for the Sultan of Oman’s Opera House.

Paintings sold to Aramco for visiting dignitaries.


Other projects:

Invited to show paintings in an exhibition which visited Dubai, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi

Exhibited paintings at Catto Gallery, London

Solo exhibition of paintings in Dubai – Hunar Gallery.

Sarah Warren portraitExhibition of paintings in Dubai and Sharjah.

Invited by the British Government to represent the UK in the Emirates during an International Artists Symposium, including an exhibition of paintings at the Royal Palace of Sharjah.

Commissioned artist supplying paintings for Royal Palaces, including the Sultan of Oman, the Ruler of Dubai, and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia with paintings commissioned for corporate buildings as well as private collectors and galleries in the Middle East.